Tasty Good Toffee Flavors

Tasty Good Toffee flavors.

As a small business, featuring my Grandma B's famous Toffee, we try to stick to just that, Toffee! But, we sure have a lot of fun with different flavor combinations. 

Start with Grandma's tried and true Milk Chocolate Pecan or get a little more daring and try our Spicy or Naked Toffee flavors. 

We aren't too sure of what Grandma would think about Ghost Pepper or Marshmallow Cream on her toffee, but honestly, if she would have had the chance to try it, we think she would have loved them all, too! 

Today's the day to Treat Yo'Self, or send a gift to a friend and let them know how sweet they are! 

Thanks for shopping with Tasty Good Toffee - you sure are sweet!